Cd´s by The Doors


Waiting for the Sun - Album

The Doors - Album

Live at the Matix - LIVE

Strange Days - Album

Morrison Hotel - Album

Live in Hollywood - LIVE

The Soft Parade - Album

Absolutely - LIVE

L.A. Woman - Album

Essential Raritiies - LIVE

An American Prayer - Album (JIM)

Backstage and Dangerous - The private Rehearsal

Live at the aquarius theatre - The first performace

Live at the aquarius theatre - The second performace

Live in Bosten - Live 3 Discs





Die Doors, Jim Morrison und Ich - by Ray Manzarek

Die verlorenen Schriften - by Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison/ Die Stunde der Magie - by Frank Lisciandro

Fernes Arden - by Jim Morrison

Keiner kommt hier lebend raus - Jerry Hokins/

                                      Daniel Sugarman



30 Years Commemorative Edition - The Doors

Oliver Stone Film The Doors

Live in europe 1968 - The Doors

Soundstage Performances - The Doors

No one here gets out alive - The Doors; Tribute to JIM MORRISON